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The best way for your users to interact with your collection of photos

Starting this week, as we wait for the big MVP reveal, I will use real life examples to show you how No Code Map App can turn your content into an interactive map to really engage your audience.

I will start with a more "social" use case. This use case was inspired by one of our early access users. He wanted to create an interactive timeline map to showcase a portfolio of photographs taken by a famous photographer. This is a really interesting early use case for us.

For those who want to showcase a portfolio of photos, an interactive timeline map would be the best way to do it because it allows your audience to see and interact with your photos.

The No Code Map App interactive timeline map (mockup below) is dynamically designed with a lot of interactive functions so you can maximise your user engagement:

  1. A scrollable list of time and location with images attached;

  2. A clickable map showing all the marked locations;

  3. A search bar for people to search the content based on a location; and

  4. Custom filters for people to search based on keywords.

(Images: Getty, Forbes, and The Nomadvisor)

Of course, you can:

  • Customise it to your own colour, font, map style and map markers;

  • Set your own filter keywords (in your Excel data); and

  • Embed your custom interactive map to your website with our easy-to-use embed code.

Compared to a conventional scrollable timeline (like the one below), showing a timeline on an interactive map makes your audience feel like they are on a journey and reliving it all digitally, especially during a period where everyone's stuck at home :)

For those of you with awesome photos sitting inside your hard drives, maybe it is time to get them out and start seeing them on an interactive map :)


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