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Build custom interactive maps from your data with just a few clicks.
No coding required.

  • Build custom location maps for any industry

  • Works with any spreadsheet

  • Automatic data sync with Google Sheets, Airtable, and Webflow CMS

  • Complete design control

  • Add calls-to-action to any website or app 

  • Share or embed on any website

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property template small.PNG
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 Full data

Copy & paste data from spreadsheets or auto sync with Google Sheets, Airtable or Webflow CMS.

Complete design

Everything customisable - colour, font, map style, side bar, pop-up, map filters, CTA, image gallery, and audio.

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Add any

Integrate with any third party app/website to create calls-to-action - call, email, directions, book, buy, order and more.

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Embed map to any website regardless of the platform, or publish it as a standalone page.

Loved by businesses & designers

"We loved working with No Code Map App, we were able to design an interactive map super easily and quickly. Customer support is also very responsive. I highly recommend it!"

- Tess, Viva Technology
"After trying and researching how to implement other map builders, this one is day and night when it comes to setup and ease of use. Already using it in another client site next as well."

- Dexter, Web designer 
"The map has been overwhelmingly praised by visitors to the website! I am very pleased. Many comments point to the helpfulness of the filter and the overall intuitiveness of the map"

- Greg, Business owner

The most intelligent and complete map builder 

An interactive map customised to your data generated in seconds, complete with everything you need to capture your audience's attention for longer and convert them directly.

Maximise visitor engagement & time on site

with images, audio and video

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Make it easy to navigate and discover

with custom filters and search bar

Search bar image.PNG
filter image.PNG

Turn your map into a point of conversion

with custom calls-to-action 

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cta sample.PNG

How it works


30 seconds

Pick a template

Custom-built for a variety of industries and use-cases.

Website step 1.PNG


1-2 minutes

Connect your data

Click the "Import" button and your map will be generated in seconds.

Website step 2.PNG
Webflow data.PNG


1-2 minutes


An intuitively designed interface so anyone can customise like a pro.

website step 3.PNG

How to publish

5 seconds

  1. Embed the map onto your website, or
  2. Publish it as a standalone web page.
Website publish.PNG
Check out this example.

Watch this quick demo to see the magic in action

Complete design control 

Map marker 

  • Choose your own color, shape or custom marker

  • Numerical or alphabetical markers

  • Assign markers by group

  • Cluster markers

Map filter 

  • Auto-generated based on your dataset (number, text, rating, or multi-value)

  • Select and order the filters you want to show

Audio & image   

  • Embed audio files

  • Upload public images links (Getty image and Imgur links)

  • Create image gallery   

Call to action 

  • Standard CTA - Call, Email and Directions

  • Custom CTA - add up to 5 custom calls-to-action with any app or website (e.g., Buy, Book, Pay, forms, Uber Eats, Instagram)

Search bar  

  • Customise your search bar to search universally or within your dataset

Side bar list view  

  • Customize what information to show

  • Include a cover image for each location

  • Include a custom CTA button 

Current location 

  • Add a current location button for easier wayfinding

Pop up 

  • Customize what information you want to show 

  • Adjust size of the cover image

  • Include a custom CTA button

Font & color  

  • Text font and color

  • Map theme 

  • Side bar color

Initial map zoom 

  • Customize the zoom level and location 

KML file import 

  • Import up to 5 KML files

Make your map actionable

Add multiple simple or custom calls-to-action and
turn your map a into a powerful conversion tool

Standard call-to-action

Directions, Email, Call, Visit -
Clickable links auto-generated based on your data.

auto cta.PNG
google form 2.png
Instagram logo.jpg

Custom call-to-action

Connect any third party app to your map so your visitors can buy, book, order, subscribe, and message directly.

stripe icon.png
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DoorDash logo.png
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Library of templates

General template image.PNG


Create a custom interactive map with auto-generated filters based on your dataset.

Embed in minutes and works on all platforms.

Improve visitor engagement plus lead generation with call-to-action buttons.

Timeline with CTA.PNG


Build a timeline map with photos, captions, and custom filters.

Embed in minutes, mobile responsive and works on all platforms.

Improve engagement and optimize lead generation with custom calls-to-action.

Event calendar template.PNG


Convert your event calendar into a custom interactive map.

Embed in minutes, mobile responsive and works on all platforms.

Help visitors discover events near them, improve lead generation and ticket sales.

Restaurant sample w filter.PNG


Build a custom restaurant search with dynamic filters and custom call-to-action buttons.

Embed in minutes and works on all platforms.

Adding a map view will increase visitor engagement and lead generation.

product locator.PNG


Build a custom Product locator with custom product filters.

Embed in minutes and works on all platforms.

Help your site visitors find your product, store, dealer, distributor faster.

property template small.PNG


Build a custom property/accommodation list with dynamic filters and custom call-to-action to enable booking directly from the map.

Embed in minutes and works on all platforms.

Adding a map view will increase visitor engagement and lead generation.


  • Supercharge your website with an shoppable map

  • Release new updates faster so your information is always up-to-date

  • Improve engagement, increase lead generation and conversion


  • Saves weeks from building your own custom interactive map 

  • Works on all platforms

  • Fully integrated with leading no-code databases   

  • No cap on monthly map views


  • Power-up your website designs and impress your clients with otherwise expensive on-brand, custom interactive maps

  • Works on all websites

  • Save development time by >99%


We are working hard to create more awesome templates. If what you are after isn't available, drop us a note and let us know! We are always looking for new template ideas. :)

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