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Build custom interactive maps from your data in minutes 

Build custom quality maps with any spreadsheet, Google Sheets, Airtable or Webflow CMS.
No coding required. Easy enough for beginners and powerful enough for professionals.

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webflow cms image.jfif
Zillow template screenshot.png

Zillow-based real estate map


Map of kid-friendly cafes

Screenshot 2024-04-18 140733.png
Screenshot 2024-04-18 141502.png

Map of quiet cafes

Carbon map.PNG

Carbon removal map

Screenshot 2024-04-18 141636.png
KML Sample.PNG

Add boundary wtih KML

parency image.png

Network of consultants


Network of restaurants

Network of telemedicine terminals

Event map

Loved by businesses & designers

"We loved working with No Code Map App, we were able to design an interactive map super easily and quickly. Customer support is also very responsive. I highly recommend it!"

- Tess, Viva Technology

"After trying and researching how to implement other map builders, this one is day and night when it comes to setup and ease of use. Already using it in another client site next as well."

- Dexter, Web designer 

"The map has been overwhelmingly praised by visitors to the website! I am very pleased. Many comments point to the helpfulness of the filter and the overall intuitiveness of the map"

- Greg, Business owner


The quickest way to make a map - simply choose a template then customise it with your own data and branding.


Import up to 50 columns of custom data from any spreadsheet, plus auto-data sync with Google Sheets, Airtable or Webflow CMS.

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Everything is customisable - colour, font, side bar, map filter, pop-up, image, audio, language translation, and more.


Connect your favorite apps to your map and supercharge your online engagement and lead conversion.

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grub hub logo.png

Maps designed to engage & convert

Everything you would expect from a custom-build map auto-generated based on your data.

Built-in search bar and custom map filters

Search bar image.PNG
filter image_edited_edited.jpg

Full location details including images, audio and video

Audio player.jpg

Custom call-to-action and share location buttons

call to action.png
Screenshot 2024-04-23 083631.png

... and gain new insights

Track performance

A detailed analytics dashboard to give you a complete rundown of how your maps are performing. Get a better understanding of what your visitors are looking for and clicking on.

Build your map in 3 simple steps


30 seconds

Pick a template

Customisable templates designed for a variety of use-cases.

Website step 1.PNG


1-2 minutes

Connect your data

Automatically process, sort and map up to 50 columns of custom data.

autodata sync.PNG


1-2 minutes


An intuitively designed interface so anyone can customise like a pro.

website step 3.PNG

Publish anywhere

Publish your map as a standalone page or embed it anywhere on the web.

Once published, all future updates are automatically reflected.

Website publish.PNG

Powerful data integration without coding

Any data type

  • Text

  • Address

  • Number

  • Date

  • Rating

  • Phone

  • URL

  • Price

Multiple data sources

  • Spreadsheet

  • Excel

  • Airtable

  • Google Sheets

  • Webflow CMS

  • KML files

Auto data sync

  • Every 4 weeks

  • Bi-weekly

  • Weekly

  • Daily

  • Real-time

Seize every opportunity to convert your traffic


  • Directions

  • Email

  • Call

  • Visit website

auto cta.PNG

CTA buttons

Add up to 5 custom call-to-action buttons and link them to any external apps or website

Screenshot 2024-04-23 083439.png

Advanced actions

  • Create a favorites list

  • Bulk location export

  • Set up paywall

  • Collect emails

Bulk export

Build fast with customisable map templates

General template image.PNG

General template

Event calendar template.PNG

Event calendar template

property template small.PNG

Property template

Timeline with CTA.PNG

Timeline template

Restaurant sample w filter.PNG

Restaurant template

product locator.PNG

Store locator template

new premium realestate template.png

Zillow-based real estate template

Customise like a Pro

Map marker 

  • Design your own marker colour and shape

  • Use custom marker or image as marker

  • Set numerical or alphabetical marker

  • Assign markers by group

  • Cluster marker

Map filter 

  • Custom map filters auto-generated based on your dataset (number, text, rating, or multi-value)

  • Select the filters you want to show 

Image, audio & video  

  • Embed images, audio or video to each location

  • Bulk import images and create image gallery


  • Standard clickables auto-generated based on your data (call, email, directions etc)

  • Add up to 5 custom calls-to-action and link them to any app or website 

Search bar 

  • Customise your search bar to allow your visitors search universally or just within your dataset

Current location

  • Add a current location button for easier wayfinding

Side bar list view 

  • Customise what information to show including images and video

  • Add custom call-to-action buttons


  • Show full location details including images, audio and video

  • Add custom call-to-action buttons

Font & colour  

  • Customise text font and colour

  • Customise map theme

Initial map zoom

  • Set your own zoom level

  • Set initial map area

translation icon_edited_edited.png

Multi-language translation

  • Add a translation switch for up to 5 languages

KML file import

  • Import up to 5 KML files

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