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Build custom store locators in minutes

No coding required. Easy enough for beginners and powerful enough for professionals. 

  • The quickest way to build a custom store locator with our customisable template

  • Bulk import up to 50 columns of data from any spreadsheet, Google Sheets, Webflow CMS and Airtable

  • The only store locator that lets you connect your favorite business apps to your store locator

  • Everything customisable, and embed anywhere 

Build your store locator in 3 simple steps


30 seconds

Product Locator template

Simply choose the Product Locator template 

Store locator step 1.png


1-2 minutes

Connect your data

Connect your data source and set up auto data sync if needed

autodata sync.PNG


1-2 minutes


An intuitively designed interface so anyone can customise like a pro.

website step 3.PNG

Publish anywhere

Our store locators work anywhere.

Embed on any website, regardless of the platform (Wordpress, Webflow, Wix, Four Square, Shopify, Notion, Softr, custom websites and more).

Once published, all future updates are automatically reflected. 
Website publish.PNG

Our store locators are designed to engage & convert

Every website visitor is valuable, so, don't settle for a basic store locator. We are the only store locators that come with built-in map search, filters, detailed location profiles, clickables, booking links, promotional media, calls-to-action, and more. 

Let visitors search and filter with ease

Search bar image.PNG
store locator filters.png

Showcase each location in great detail

store locator profile.png

Offer multiple ways to engage & convert

call to action.png

...and gain new insights

Track performance 

A detailed analytics dashboard to give you a complete rundown of how your store locators are performing. Get a better understanding what and where your website visitors are looking for and clicking on.

Ready to take your store locator to the next level?

premium template retail.png

Introducing our new Premium Store Locator template

The most advanced store locator designed to connect your consumers with your products, both in stores and online, including:
  • A more custom designed layout
  • Show available products with itemised product details (picture, price and availability)
  • Weekly promotions, and
  • Where to buy online (with platform icons and links)
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