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Build a custom map with dynamic data sync

One of the biggest complaints we get is that once map has been created, if you add or remove data fields/columns or reconfigure the data type, it won't work. It is actually a major challenge in building maps with full data integration. Being the only interactive map builder with full data integration, we have been working on this major technical hurdle.

We are excited to announce that we have just released a new feature that allows you to re-configure the data fields for your map without needing to re-import your entire map from scratch and lose all your configurations.


This new feature cover the following use case scenarios:

1. You've added a new column in your data source (e.g., google sheets), and would like to include it in your map.

2. You'd like to change an existing column into a different type. Ex., you'd like to change a column "website url" to be a "call-to-action" field instead of a "website" field.

3. Remove an existing column from your map to keep things organised.

Please give it a try!


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