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Create an interactive map for your website

An interactive map is a common request from non-profit organisations and businesses large and small looking to build an engaging website. Visual interactives like videos and interactive maps can be impressive, fun to play with and a great way to engage and convert site visitors.

What do we mean by ‘interactive’?

All websites are interactive by their nature. Users can navigate at will by clicking and scrolling to find information, download documents, fill in forms etc. Visual interactives like images, memes, short videos, long videos, animated graphics are particularly great tools for engaging visitors, because those are naturally engaging.

What is an interactive map?

An interactive map allows viwers to zoom, scroll and browse the locations and click on integrated links or any other calls-to-actions. Over the last decade, interactive maps have gained popularity in website design, coinciding with the increased accessibility and ease of use of mapping technology. You can animate maps with images, audio and video, enable scroll-triggered functionality, call to action buttons to lead users to a particular conversion action your desire.

There are many types of interactive maps like locator maps, data visualisation maps, heatmaps. For the purpose of this post, we will focus on locator and data visualisation types of interactive maps, because No Code Map App can help you build both types of interactive maps.

Locator maps

These maps help your visitors to quickly find the product or service they are after.

Data visualisation maps

These maps help your visitors visually and quickly gain insights from a formerly complex dataset.

With No Code Map App, you can create an interactive map from your data in 3 easy steps.

  1. Pick a map template

  2. Import your data

  3. Customise it. 

Step 1: Pick a template for your use-case

You can choose from our list of 6 ready-to-use map templates, all designed and built based on popular use cases and leading industry designs:

1. General

2. Timeline

3. Event calendar

4. Restaurant

5. Product locator

6. Property

7. Zillow-like real-estate template

Step 2: Connect your data

Once you have selected your template, all you need to do is import your data. No Code Map App is the only custom map builder that offers users multiple ways to import their data:

1. Copy and paste in your data from any spreadsheet, or

2. Link your Google Sheets / Airtable / Webflow CSM

You can also choose which data field you want to use, and set up automatic data update so you don't need to manually update every time.

Our map builder is so intelligent you can include any data field - detail fields, description, calls-to-action links, media (image and audio links) etc. The only required data columns/fields are "name" and "address".

  1. "address" (or "location") column

  2. "name" column

Our map builder will automatically populate your map template with your data. Your map will also include auto-generated sidebar, map filters and calls-to-action based on your dataset.

Step 3: Customise your map

Once your map has been generated, you can customise it to your preferred marker, color, font, zoom level and search bar setting etc. Literally every part of your interactive map is customisable! You can also embed media to each location and import kml files.

Furthermore and also uniquely to us is that you can also customise your map filters and call-to-action buttons. No Code Map App is the only custom map maker that auto-generates customisable map filters and call-to-actions based on your dataset. Typically these are only seen on custom-built interactive maps. Now you can have them too without coding or hiring a developer.

With the right map filter and call-to-action buttons, you can link your interactive map with your other business tools (like Google Form, Stripe, PayPal, Calendly), and turn your interactive map into an "actionable" map where your site visitors could directly:

  • Buy or pay

  • Subscribe

  • Contact

  • Fill in a form

You can connect pretty much any internal or external site/tool to your custom call-to-action button and create an interactive map that is comparable to any custom-built map!


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