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How to create interactive maps for free?

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

It's simple, just use No Code Map App! With No Code Map App, you can now create an agency-quality custom interactive map with just your spreadsheet, for FREE!

That's right, it is completely free if you just want to create a custom map with your dataset. Like we said in our previous post, we wanted to democratize custom map development. By that, we wanted to make it super easy AND affordable. So, when we were structuring our pricing plan, we decided to offer our software with a Basic $0 monthly fee plan, because we wanted to make sure there is no minimum barrier to make a custom map:

  • It is free to create AND

  • It is free to publish!

This way everyone can create a professional quality custom map without any upfront or fixed monthly fee. In fact, even after you publish your map, if you don't like it, you still don't need to pay anything because you have a full 14 days unlimited free trial before you need to enter your credit card details. After that, you only need to pay based on your number of map view so we grow when you do!

Speak soon!


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