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Are you sitting a gold mine and don't know it yet?

Does your website have location-based content?

Do you have location knowledge sitting there in a file or tagged on Google Maps?

Then you are sitting on a gold mine and it is time you convert it into $$$.

Your currently non-exciting location content can actually be your best sales tool. Large companies like Airbnb, Zillow, Opentable are making tens of millions everyday from their lead-generating "map view". Now imagine Airbnb's and Zillow's website without their interactive map view? How much do you think it will hurt their sales?

A custom map or interactive map tool is the best way to showcase your location content, and engage your audience. By converting your location content from text to a custom interactive map, you can potentially 10x your user engagement (because people nowadays just don't read anymore). Images and interactives are the only way to get their attention.

Once you got their attention, it's time to convert these visitors into leads or better yet direct revenue - gotta strike the iron while it's hot! Each one of our templates comes with use-case tailored filters and call-to-action ("CTA") buttons. In my previous post, I discussed the importance of custom filters for different use cases, so in this post, I will focus on custom CTA's.

These CTA buttons can be broadly classified into 2 categories:

1. Lead generation

  • "Email"

  • "Call"

  • "Directions"

  • "Contact agent"

  • "More details"

  • "Make reservation"

2. Direct revenue

With Stripe's new payment link function, we can include these revenue generating CTA buttons and enable you to directly monetise from your custom map tool:

  • "Donate" for those with hobby projects

  • "Buy this photo" for those photography portfolios

  • "Buy ticket" for the interactive event calendars

By including these seemingly simple CTA buttons, your interactive map is not just a nice way of presenting your location content, rather a powerful sales tool. With No Code Map App, we want to equip individuals and businesses with a new monetisation tool

Practically speaking, what does this mean to you? It means:

  1. Indie creators can now create a new income stream from their location content

  2. Small businesses can significantly improve their user engagement and lead generation

  3. You can put together memberships, market places, or a collection of events and generate significantly more leads for your members

To top it all off, it is completely free to create custom map tools on No Code Map App. You only pay what you use. I will go into more detail on our pricing philosophy in my next post.

Your location content and knowledge is a gold mine. It's time you convert it into revenue with No Code Map App.

Until next time. Happy new year everyone!


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