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Interactive maps are like iPods

Maps are a way of organising information and help people locate the thing they are after.

No Code Map App is going to let you put hundreds of pieces of your own custom location information onto one custom interactive map.

If an iPod is a compact container of thousands of songs, then custom interactive maps are containers of thousands of pieces of location content; and if a picture speaks a thousand words, then an interactive map with custom content would speak 100x that or more.

What can you do with it?

  1. History buffs can create custom maps of historical events and timelines

  2. Bargain hunters can create custom maps of deals and specials in their area or city

  3. Coffee lovers can create custom maps of the best cafes in town

  4. Photographers can create custom maps of their photo portfolio for a particular theme or city

  5. Foodies can create custom maps of their best recommendations for a particular type of food or city

  6. A custom map of the best relaxation spots

  7. A custom map of hidden gems

  8. A custom map architectural marvels

You can basically pick any topic you are passionate about and share your knowledge on a custom interactive map. It is also the most engaging and effective way for your audience to digest the content.

Once you got them interested in your comprehensive, engaging content, you can monetise it and create a stable income from your knowledge and content. More on monetisation on my next post :)

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