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How to import a KML into Google Maps?

So you have a KML file you want to visualise on a map (or Google Maps). Good news! With No Code Map App, you can now import KML files into your own custom Google Maps as a layer.

Like this one!

How to import a KML file into Google Maps?

  1. Sign up for a No Code Map App account and create a New Map.

  2. Choose a map template.

  3. Import KML file(s).

And you are done!

Step 1 - Create a New Map

After you have signed up or logged in, click on the "New Map" button on your dashboard.

Step 2 - Choose a map template!

You need to choose a map template. If you are not sure which one to use, the General template would work for almost everything!

Step 3 - Import your KML files

In "3. Customise", you can import your KML files. You can import up to 5 files.

That's it - it will be automatically mapped!

Give it a try! :)


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