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How to customise data display on your map and map filters?

Following the successful rollout of our Airtable and Webflow CMS integrations, the biggest feedback we got was that users only want to show selected fields on their map (both in terms of map filters and the pop up box).

We are super excited to announce that NOW YOU CAN! :)

We have just released two new customisation capabilities in "3. Customise" section:

  1. Map filter customisation

  2. Pop up box customisation

Map filter customisation

Previously, we automatically display all the non-basic information fields as filters (i.e. excluding name, address, website/URL, telephone). Now you will have complete control over which filters you would like to show on your map!

All you have to do is toggle on and off:

Pop up box customisation

Similarly to map filer display, previously it was all automatically created based on ALL the data columns in your database. Now you will also have control over which fields you would like to show in each pop up box.

All you have to do is toggle on and off:

Please give these new customisations a try and let us know what you think!

As always, please stayed tuned for more awesome features!


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