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  • Nan Zhou

How to create a custom interactive map from your no code database

Over the weekend, we rolled out our Webflow CMS integration. This is particularly exciting for us because it marks the completion of our Phase 1 product plan!

So what does it mean?

In the big picture sense, we are now the only no code map builder fully integrated with all the leading no code database tools - spreadsheets, Google Sheets, Airtable and Webflow CMS. These integrations also means complete automation and flexibility for our users.

Our Phase 1 vision was to provide a truly integrated and automated no code custom map builder so anyone and any business can create and update a custom map without coding and seamlessly. Webflow CMS integration was the last major piece to this piece and now it is completed!

The work is of course never done, we still have a long list of customisation features and improvements planned. So please stay tuned!


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