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How to create a custom Google Map with Excel data

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Following my earlier post on "How to set up your spreadsheet for the best mapping results". I want to write a separate post elaborating a bit more on how to create what essentially is a customized Google Map with Excel data.

As soon as Google Maps released its first set of Google Maps APIs 15 years ago, various software makers have started developing bulk mapping tools to automatically convert standard Excel data into a multi-marker Google Map. One of the earliest pioneers in this is Batchgeo.

Over the years as Google Maps API's got more powerful and Google Maps database got more comprehensive and robust, we feel it is only fitting that "creating a Google Map with Excel data" should also upgrade and be more powerful and dynamic.

While almost every custom map maker allows bulk marker mapping via Excel. Ours is definitely the most powerful and dynamic because with our Excel data import function, you can include everything from basic location information (like address, phone, website, name), filter information, call-to-action redirect links, to image links.

1. Any industry, any use case

With our growing library of templates, No Code Map App allows users to create a Google Map customised to their use case with just their Excel data.

Each one of our templates comes with an Example Excel so you will know exactly how to set up your Excel dataset. Once you have set it up, all you need to do is copy & paste it into our builder.

Data in , Magic out.

From this

to this

and a product locator is done, complete with custom product filters, even number and multi-value filters!

2. Auto-generate any kind of filter

This is our second biggest differentiator - auto-generated dynamic filters from Excel data. No other custom map makers have the capability of creating dynamic filters from Excel data.

Our builder will auto-detect filter columns from your Excel data and create filters customized to your dataset, regardless the filter type:

  • text

  • number

  • single-value or

  • multi-value filters

Multi-value filters are particular useful for filters "products sold", "amenities", "features" etc.

3. Custom Call-to-Action buttons

In your Excel data, you can also include a column for "call-to-action links" for redirect website links.

Our builder will automatically create a "Call-to-Action" button under each location.

Of course, you can rename these buttons to whatever you want - e.g. "more details", "buy product", "contact seller" etc.

4. Bulk image import

Lastly but not the least, you can also bulk import images by including an "image link" column in your Excel data. Again, as far as we are aware, we are the only one who allows bulk image import via Excel.

You can use 3 types of image links:

  1. Public Image URL's - e.g. Getty images

  2. Airtable image links

  3. Imgur "direct link" - Upload your images to and copy the "direct link" (IMPORTANT: only the "direct link" would work)

Many of our early sign-ups have told us creating public image URLs can be troublesome. So we created an auto-converter for all Google Drive image links, so now you can just use your Google Drive image links.

There you go, the most powerful and dynamic custom Google Map maker from Excel data.

Stay tuned because we have so much more coming!


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