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How to build a property listing map without coding

We are super excited to announce that we have released our Property listing template!

Many people have requested for this template so we are super excited for you all to try it out!

You can now create property or hotel listings with price, rating, amenities, features and more! This template is now available on our builder so you will see it the next time you log in under "1. Templates".

This is what the template looks like - as you can see you can show your list of properties or accommodation with name, description, location, price, rating, type, amenities and whatever else you'd want to add from your data!

As a part of this roll-out, we have also introduced a new map filter - slider filters for price. We can now handle price value in your databases by auto-detecting currency symbols such as "$" and "€" in your data fields. What this means is price related filters will show as slider filters as seen in the example below.

To build a custom map for your property listing, just like all of our other templates, you just need to connect your data source (like spreadsheets, Google Sheets, Airtable or Webflow CMS), and our builder will create a ready-to-use map from your data!

The dataset itself can include any data you'd like. Here is a sample:

You can create a custom call-to-action button for each property listing:

  1. "More details" by link it to the detailed property page

  2. "Book" or "Reserve" by linking it to the booking page if it is for an accommodation listing

  3. "Contact agent" by linking it to an email address or phone number

Please give it a try and let us know what you think!


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