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Google Sheets integration is here!

For the last couple of weeks, we have been quietly working on something big - our first major integration - Google Sheets!

Previously, to import and update data, you would need to copy and paste the entire dataset into our builder. Now, you can import and update by simply linking it to one of your Google Sheets files!

How it works?

I. IMPORT data
  1. Simply click on "Sync with Google Sheets"

  2. Enter your Google Sheets public link URL in the space provided

  3. Click on the "Import" button!


After you have updated your data in your Google Sheets file

  1. Go to your map in your No Code Map App account

  2. Click on "Sync with Google Sheets"

  3. Click on "Sync the latest data"

III. Change file link

If you want to change the Google Sheets file link, simply click on the "unlink URL" button then you will be able to add in a new file URL.

Google Sheets integration is just one of the many data source integration we have planned for our app. So please stay tuned for much more! :)


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