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Examples of interactive maps on websites

Interactive maps are a great website asset to businesses with a network of geographic locations. Maps are naturally engaging. So adding an interactive map to your website can significantly improve your website engagement, retention and conversion.

Depending on the industry, our users use interactive maps in different ways to help them generate more engagement or conversion. We have designated a Customers page to showcase a selection of our customer maps.

1 - Store Locator


Medadom is a leading French telemedicine player, providing a doctor anytime, anywhere, in brief delays. It is disrupting the French healthcare access by deploying telemedicine terminals (cabins and kiosks) in pharmacies, city halls and public sector establishments across France and bringing real benefits to its partners and patients.

Medadom uses No Code Map App to showcase all the locations with their terminals.

2 - Find a Consultant


Parency selects, references, and quickly puts you in touch with hundreds of certified perinatal specialists to support you on your journey as a parent.

Being a new parent is hard so it is amazing to see a startup focusing on providing much needed support and services for new parents. Parency uses their maps to showcase their network of consultants.

3 - Client Event Map


SquadUP is using this map to highlight their biggest clients. Site visitors can click on the "Get Tickets" CTA button to visit the client's website, where you can learn more and purchase tickets.

4 - Quiet Place Locator

Quiet Near Me

Quiet Near Me is an initiative that identifies quiet places and activities in big cities around the world, including conversation-friendly restaurants, tranquil parks, hotels approved by light sleepers, and bars recommended by people with tinnitus. You can easily filter the map and locate a quiet place near you.

5 - Specialty Restaurant & Cafe finder


Mamamapa is a one-stop shop for moms, dads and all caregivers always in a hunt for baby and kid friendly places. It gathers information about family-friendly restaurants, activities for little ones and kindergartens (launched in Prague).

Mamapapa uses No Code Map App to build a map showing these restaurants and activities with custom filters and call to action.

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