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What is the easiest way to make a custom interactive map?

No Code Map App is the easiest way to make a custom interactive map. No Code Map App is a no-code tool that makes it easy for businesses to build custom-quality maps from their data. Imagine if you have a real estate business and need to build a map like Zillow’s? Previously, you have to custom build it, which takes a long time and cost of a lot of money.

With No Code Map App, you can make it yourself in 3 simple steps:

Step 1 - Pick a map template

Step 2 - import your data

Step 3 - Customise it.

Once finished, you can publish your map as a standalone page, or embed it anywhere on the web. You can find a more detailed blog on how No Code Map App works here.

There are many other "map builders" out there in the market, what makes No Code Map App the easiest? So, we decided to categorise the various map makers in the market and explain why they are not as good or as easy to use.

1. Other no-code map builders - too basic

Examples: Atlist, Proxi and Mapme

Every map maker can map simple datasets. Our key take-away from working with our first 100 customers is that what's really important is advanced data handling and integration. This means being able to handle any data type, integrate any database, and allow auto-data sync. People are more willing to pay for these so they can fully utilise use their database and automate their workflow.

2. Google Maps and Mapbox - custom code required

Building a custom coded map is expensive and time-consuming. Many businesses or business teams simply don't' have that kind of time or budget.

For the above two categories, we have a more detailed comparison of these 5 map building tools - see this blog post.

3. GIS software

Examples: Esri, Felt

GIS tools are designed to help people visualise and analyse geospatial data. Felt is focused on being the more user friendly version of Esri, whereas we are more focused on users who previously had to use Google Maps API and Mapbox API.

4. Industry-focused tools - too limited and rigidExamples: Store locator builders, and IDX solutionsPredominately designed for a specific industry use-case, so often limited in terms of customisation capability or database integration.

So, if you are looking for a powerful and easy-to-use map builder, please give us a try!


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