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We survived our first week!

We officially launched No Code Map App exactly a week ago. It also coincided with Lunar New Year so after a few hectic weeks leading up to the launch, we had decided to take a couple of days off and spend it with our families while we monitor our site traffic and user feedback.

We went into our launch without any expectations! We definitely read many stories of founders all geared up for massive site traffic on launch day only to see a flat line and 0 traffic. So we were completely prepared for that scenario too! lol. But it has come to our pleasant surprise, we survived our launch week quite well!

We saw:

  • ~50 signups

  • 10-15% site-to-sign-up rate

  • a number of really interesting use cases we didn't expect (e.g. remote team map, social justice maps), and

  • most importantly, a consistent feedback that the experience of making custom interactive maps had been frustrating and expensive and a tool like ours can really turn this around.

That last part is really what we wanted to confirm with our first release since we only rolled out the 2 general templates and it is key because confirms that there is a problem to be solved.

Today, we rolled out 2 more advanced features:

1. Custom Call-to-Action buttons

Custom CTA buttons are crucial for effective lead generation and revenue conversion and we wanted to make sure it is as simple and automated as the rest of our map builder.

So how it works is:

i) Simply include a “Call-to-action link” column in your data with the redirect website URLs, and a call-to-action button will be generated for each place.

ii) You can rename the button to whatever you want - “Buy image”, “More details” “Donate” etc.

2. Enhanced photo uploading

Many of our early sign-ups have told us creating public image URLs can be troublesome. So we created an auto-converter for all Google Drive image links, so now you can just use your Google Drive image links.

Many users are patiently waiting for the more use-case specific templates like restaurant search, product locator etc., we are trying to get the next 4 templates out to you all as soon as possible. It is also a crucial phase for testing out our "template-based" model so we are very eager to get those custom map templates released too. :)

Until next time, everyone please take care!


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