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The "How"

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

When solving a problem, the how is always more important. So what is our how?

In my previous post I mentioned that even when we were running a clearly a single-purposed app (as opposed to a customisable product), we got numerous inbound requests for a custom map tool, mostly involving some sort of mapped "database" with custom filters and search functions.

If you are thinking "hold on, you mean like the one Airbnb has?" Then you are correct. Just like the one below.

This kind of "location database" + "custom filters" front-end map tools are commonly seen on large booking and real-estate platforms. You can understand why they are useful - it drives user engagement, increases lead generation and ultimately it means more sales. BUT, they are expensive to make because there are no existing "plugins" or builders for them.

If you are just after a basic custom map for your website, there is definitely a long list of existing solutions ( plugins like these plus a number of other "map makers" I mentioned in my previous post). But, as you can see the outputs are still nothing like that Airbnb one, not nearly as advanced or pretty, and why should you settle for less?

It is interesting to note that the one category of "map tool" we did see some easily customisable apps is store locators (Storemapper, StoreRocket, Store Point, Stockists etc). However, they are all designed and priced for one store locator per account.

Just like every other "disruptive" tech founder, we said to ourselves - "we want to change that." :)

We will build a no code platform focused on front-end map functions and tools, so anyone can build a kick @ss map tool without a ux/ui designer or developer. It is going to be entirely template-based and super easy to customise and install, like Wix and Canva did for website building and graphic design.

We will be designing and building a library of ready-to-use templates tailored to various industries and use cases, because when it comes to effective map tools, it is definitely not one-template-fits-all. All you have to do is plug in your data. If you want to make it extra fancy, you can customise it with your brand colour, font and logo.

Our library of templates means for business operators, you can build different map tools for different part of your business, and for marketers, you can build different tools for different "selling" pages. The best news is all can be done under one account with one fixed price - US$9/month for 3 map apps, or US$30 for unlimited number).

If you are a professional designers or developer, you must be thinking, what's the benefit to me? I know how to design and code. Yes, but I am sure you know how long it would take and how much it would cost if you were to build one yourself? We know because we are building up our templates and editor now. With NoCodeMapApp, you can now create otherwise expensive custom map tools for your clients in less than an hour! With our Pro pricing plan, you can build different ones for different clients with one fixed price of US$30 per month.

Still not convinced? I will get into more details in my later posts :)

Stay tuned.



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