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Our maps are now fully mobile responsive!

We are super excited to announce that all of our maps are now fully mobile responsive!


Some of you may have noticed that we didn't do a changelog announcement last week. That is because we have spent the last 2 weeks optimising our mobile responsiveness.

We shipped out our software in just under 2 months and we had to leave mobile responsiveness out until we know we have live users. As soon as we knew people have published their maps, we started working on our mobile responsiveness and it took us a solid 2 weeks.

On our mobile view, you can:

  • minimise and maximise the list view in 3 levels;

  • click on any of the places on the list to see the detailed view; and

  • click on any of the map markers to see the detailed view

Now it is done, we hope you like look and feel!

So as a comparison:

Desktop view

Mobile view

We are always looking for ways to make our maps better and prettier! So feel free to drop us a line at anytime! :)


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