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Our first two months!

It's been exactly two months since No Code Map App was released to the public. I thought I would take the opportunity to do a quick review of our journey so far.

When we launched on 31 Jan, we shipped what I like to call "a well functioning bicycle" as opposed to a crapping car. In our mind, MVP should be a functioning version of our goal product just with less features. In our case, it meant:

  • A functioning 3 step no code builder (the flow and structure we wanted)

  • Virtually bug free (contrary to popular opinion, we were happy to trade fewer features for a smoother user experience so people can get a better sense of what we are trying to do)

  • 2 general templates

  • 1 method data import (copy and paste from any spreadsheet)

  • A suite of customisation features (this was the most complete section of our builder because it plays a major part of our core product concept)

Our goal is to test out this 3 step no code builder concept on custom map building. The reception post launch was better than we had expected! Which was great but it also meant we now have so much catch up to do. Feature requests kept on rolling in and luckily almost everything was already on our to-do list. So we spent the next month rolling out the next two most requested templates and finally finished our mobile map view optmisation. Our little bicycle kinda became a tricycle.

We saw a range of interesting use cases including:

  • Global team map

  • Map of restaurants in New Zealand

  • Event calendar for a network of breweries in Chicago

  • Event map for an African event company

  • Map of scale-up/startups in Europe

  • A new subscription service for finding new areas for real-estate development

  • Data visualisation for non-profit organisations

Here are a couple of live maps built using No Code Map App:

About a week ago, we thought it was time to start converting some of our early adopters to monthly subscribers. Instead of showing an abrupt payment screen prompting people to pay, we did the ultimate "non-scalable" way and emailed all of our Feb sign-ups individually. From that, we had 5 users committing to subscribe! yay! We are pretty happy with that as a starting point.

For the last couple of weeks, we have been quiet because we have been working on a huge feature - Google Sheets integration. It has been highly requested by our power users. We are hoping to get this done asap.

So this is it for now. Really excited about this journey!


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