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What & Why

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Hi everyone!

My name is Nan and I am the cofounder of No Code Map App. I will be using this blog to document our journey and hopefully we will see more successes than failures. :)

So let's start with our name "No Code Map App". It is so literal you almost have to wonder if there is a twist. The answer is no. It is exactly as it sounds - a no code platform for building interactive maps and front-end map tools - collectively dubbed "map apps".

So how is this different to the many digital map makers out there, e.g. Scribble Maps, Mapme, Zee Maps? The operative word here is "app" which goes beyond just digital visualisation of location data but actual interactive tools with custom filters, search functions and later on real-time tracking.

Why map apps? For anyone who's ever tried to build a custom map tool (or map-anything for that matter) would know how difficult and inevitably expensive it is, even for experienced developers.

>50% of today's data has a location component which are mostly just buried in spreadsheets, charts and tables. Outside the well resourced large companies, the value of location data has yet to be fully extracted. The digital map market s expected to reach US$30-60 billion in several years. Mapping API platforms (e.g. Google Maps, Map Box, HERE) are becoming ever more powerful and in-depth but >99% of us can't code. We want to bridge this disconnect so the other 99% can also benefit from these amazing API's without having to know how to code.

In short, we want to democratise the development of map apps so anyone can build a map app to turn their location information into powerful business tools, all for the price of a meal. These tools would range from simple store locators, property listing search, employee directory, 3D visualisation, to real-time tracking apps.

Now I've discussed what we are trying to build and why, I will explain how (the most important part) in my next post :)


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