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How to make an custom interactive map without coding?

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

If all goes well, our MVP will be going live in a couple of days. So, I think it is time we provide a little preview on our no code custom map maker :)

This is what it looks like - a simple, yet powerful no coder builder for custom interactive maps.

Build an on-brand interactive map for your website in 3 steps

Step 1 - Choose a template.

Step 2 - Import your data.

There are a number of ways you can import your data:

- Copy/paste from spreadsheet

- Sync with Google Sheets (coming soon)

Click on "Copy/paste from spreadsheet" and you will see a window pop up where you can paste in your data. In order to help you prepare your Excel data, for each template, we have included an "example.csv" so you will know exactly how to set up your dataset.

For example, this is the sample for our General Template.

Our builder is very intelligent and can process up to 15 columns of custom data meaning you can include whatever data you want! Just make sure you include column headers.

Once you have your data ready, simply copy and paste into the box:

Once you have pasted in your data, the No Code Map App smart builder will:

  1. Automatically map your data based on your "location" or "address" column;

  2. Automatically create custom map filters based on your dataset (yes, you read it right, any text filter be it single or multi-value filters. Later on we will also allow number filters);

  3. Images will be automatically loaded if you had included a public image link; and

  4. If you had included a call-to-action link column, a custom call-to-action button for each location auto-generated (coming soon).

No Code Map App is the only custom map maker that can automatically generate advanced filters comparable to those you see on major company websites.

Step 3 Customize your interactive map!

Now you can bring in your own style/branding! You can customize everything from fonts, colors, to what shows in each location detail box.

The best of all, we have simplified map customization to to just clicks!

This is an example for customizing map markers.

And you are done! We are super excited with our live launch!


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