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How to create an interactive map with custom call-to-action?

If you have a network of locations for your business, then an interactive map would be the best tool to engage your potential customers. A major component of an interactive map is to include a custom call-to-actions that are specifically valuable to your unique business so site visitors can buy/book/call/subscribe/email directly from your map. We see custom call-to-action buttons from custom-built maps all the time but a custom-built map would usually cost a lot of money and take months to get done.

How do you create an interactive map with a custom call-to-action?

No Code Map App can build an interactive map instantly from your data, including auto-generated standard call-to-action buttons based on your dataset (like "directions", "call", "email", web link). On top of that, you can also add a custom call-to-action button under each location and link it to any column of your data (e.g., email, get directions, payment links, Calendly links, call, booking links, online forms - anything you want!)

No Code Map App is the only custom map maker that lets add standard and custom call-to-action buttons to your map. By being able to add specific conversion actions that are uniquely valuable to your business, you can significantly improve your direct conversion and turn your map into a powerful sales generation tool.

So how it works.

Step 1. Choose one of the ready-to-use map templates

Step 2. Import your data or connect it to your Google Sheets, Airtable or Webflow CSM.

Our builder will automatically read your data and convert it into a ready-to-use map.

Step 3. In Customise section -> List view -> Call-to-action-> select the data column you want to use for your custom call-to-action button

​And that's it, your map will be ready with your unique call-to-action!


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