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How to build an interactive map powered by Google Sheets

Many businesses now work with a network of locations. For these businesses, interactive maps are the best way to showcase their network location data. This could be a network of office locations, consultants, or stores. Interactive maps are naturally engaging and dynamic, and they are the best visual medium for your website to grab your site visitors' attention.

In this post, we are going to show you how you could use No Code Map App to build an interactive map powered by Google Sheets. Google Sheets is free to use making it the most cost-effective and user-friendly tool to store and manage your data.

How to build an interactive map powered by Google Sheets:

  1. Set up your data in Google Sheets

  2. Create a No Code Map App account and click on New Map button

  3. Choose a map template

  4. Connect your Google Sheets

  5. Customise your map to your preferences

STEP 1 - Set up your data in Google Sheets

Set up your data in Google Sheets. You can include whatever data relevant to your business.

Here is an example.

STEP 2 - Create a new map

Go to and sign up for an account.

Once signed up, click on the New Map button.

Then you will see a new map page:

STEP 3 - Choose a map template

Within our map builder, to create a new map, you first choose one of our ready-to-use map templates. A range of custom-built map templates designed for a variety of industries and use-cases.

STEP 4 - Connect your Google Sheets

To connect your Google Sheets, simply click on Sync with Google Sheets.

Next, enter your Google Sheets URL and click on Import button. (Note: please make sure you have set your Sheets setting to public).

Instant map from your data - once connected, our map builder will automatically generate an interactive map customised to your data in seconds, complete with everything you need to capture your audience's attention for longer and convert them directly:

  • Media gallery (images, audio and video)

  • Custom filters

  • Search bar

  • Custom calls to action

STEP 5 - Customise your map

You can customise everything including information display, map filters, pop up modal, calls to action, side bar list view, map theme, font and colour and more!

And you are done! Your map is ready to be published!

Publish your map

To publish your map, simply click on the Publish button and you will see 2 options:

  1. An embed code so you can embed the map onto your website, or

  2. Publish the map as a standalone page

With No Code Map App, any businesses can now use their Google Sheets data to build a fully-integrated, interactive map that blends in perfectly with your website with just a few clicks.

Give it a try today!


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