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How to assign marker by group.

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

A picture is worth a thousand words, because the human brain processes visuals 60,000x times faster than text. Yes, 60,000x. More importantly, most people only read a small portion of the text on your page before they bounce off.

When it comes to data visualization, charts and maps are always going to be more engaging and effective than texts and list of figures. Flourish is by far one of the data visualization software we have seen. It is no wonder they are loved by journalists. While they are great in providing a variety of visuals, their custom map options are limited and their pricing lacked clarity.

This is where we come in. Over the last week, we have added a very easy-to-use, powerful feature - allow user to assign marker by group. This feature came highly requested. It is designed to help users to create better geographic data visualization and tell a more compelling story.

Assign marker by group

As discussed in our earlier posts, the No Code Map App General template can be used to map any dataset as long as you have an "address" column in your data (for geocoding the locations).

For example, I compiled a list of Y Combinator companies from their website data to visualize it.

We didn't stop there of course. Over the last week, we added a new enhancement to our "Marker style" feature. Users can now assign different markers (colour and style) to different groups of location markers.

Under "Marker style" section, you can how choose how you want to assign marker:

  1. Use the same marker for all, or

  2. Assign by a group of location.

The groups of location will be based on user imported data - so it is completely dynamic!

In my YC example, one of our columns is "Industry", so I can choose to assign marker "By Industry". All I need to do is click on the marker then choose one I want for that group of markers!

As an example, you can now assign different marker size to different group of locations like this map here:

Give it a try and let us know what you think!


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