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Connect, automate and integrate

When we first launched, we kept our no code map builder very simple and basic. It only had 2 general templates and 1 method data import (a straight copy and paste). We did make sure it worked smoothly though.

We wanted to keep it 'clean' and wait for users to tell us what is important to them. We had some presumptions of course - for one, we thought plugins may be important. As people started to try out No Code Map App and we were pleasantly surprised to find out that we were wrong. No one had requested plugins, instead a lot of people had asked for integrations with third party data sources.

After we regrouped and thought about it, it was actually so obvious! In recent years, app-to-app integration has definitely become popular and widely adopted by businesses. So, besides the smaller enhancements, as I mentioned in our last blog post, our near-term focus will be placed on INTEGRATIONS - Google Sheets, Webflow CSM and Airtable.

What we want to achieve with these integrations is AUTOMATION, meaning everything fully automated from:

  1. Data to map; and

  2. Data update to map update

Besides ui customisation, we also want to make sure our map builder is completely automated, saving businesses more time. This means all our users need to do is connect their data source, wherever they may be, and our map builder will automatically generate a fully interactive map with filters customised to the dataset.

After you have embedded your map to your website, automation will continue. Each time you dataset is updated, your map is also automatically updated, no need to relink.

It is clear as more businesses apps are being introduced and adopted by users, app-to-app integration is key to future business efficiency. We are also firm believers in efficient operation and time saving, so we want to make sure that No Code Map App will fit nicely into that ecosystem. :)

Until next time.


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