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Build a shoppable map from your data instantly without coding

When we launched No Code Map App, we just wanted an easier and affordable way to build a custom interactive map with filters. It was more an idea for a tool as opposed to a mission. Then people started using our software and they told us why they are looking for a new tool and what functions really matter to them. They gave us the idea for our mission.

Businesses care about saving money and time, and make more money! So we started to focus on functions that will save them more time and convert more leads, without the big price tag.

This led to our big picture mission - affordable, on-brand, shoppable, integrated and instant.

Build a no-code platform that helps businesses build fully-integrated, shoppable maps instantly from their data; and

Empower location-based businesses to use their data to build on-brand, shoppable maps where their customers can see everything at a glance and do just about anything directly from the map (including buy, book, pay, fill in forms, call, email, get directions and checking availability in real-time).

To achieve this, since our initial launch, we have significantly bulked up our database integration and call-to-action function. We are now fully-integrated with Google Sheets, Airtable and Webflow CMS. This means once you have connected your data source, our builder will create a ready-to-use map from your data, instantly. Our next step focus will be focusing on real-time data syncing so all future data update will be done in real-time too!

Secondly, our call-to-action function now supports links from Calendly, Stripe, PayPal, Google Forms, Airtable, Notion and more. This means we are moving closer and closer towards our vision of a truly "shoppable" map where customers can really do just about anything directly from the map. We will continue to build on this with more app integrations.

Our paying customers now operate in a diverse range of location-oriented industries including healthcare, consumer, retail, real-estate, travel, events and technology. Their site visitors can run live map searches, see which locations have what they are after, then contact, book or buy directly. This could be anything from finding a medical consultant, a live event, a specific brand of cheese, a baby-friendly restaurant, a quiet café with power outlet, to an apartment for rent.

We look forward to the day we can truly enable location-oriented businesses to turn their digital map into an interactive discovery and shopping experience.


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