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An easy and affordable way to build an on-brand interactive map with custom filters.

>50% (arguably 80%) of today's data has a location component and maps are integral to location-based content and businesses. The world now understands the power of a digital map, largely due to the consumerization of web mapping and the mass adoption of smartphones and tablets with default mapping apps. So more important than ever now, businesses who have or work with location content need to start showcasing these powerful information on their front-end.

But here comes the problem - to build an on-brand interactive map with custom filters and call-to-action buttons, it would take weeks and cost >$10,000. This is why at the moment you only see them on large company websites. With No Code Map App, anyone would now be able to convert their location content into a custom interactive map with <10% of the cost and development time.

We want to provide an easy and affordable way for anyone, anywhere build an agency-quality interactive map with dynamic filters.

It is easy to imagine the use case with the more obvious location-based industries like real-estate, travel or multi-region businesses. In fact, almost every industry work with location-based content/data. Below is an example of such use case.

Viva Technology is not a "typical location-based" business. They run an annual tech conference in Paris. But they are in fact our first paying user. They needed to create a map to showcase their next 100 unicorn scale-ups in the upcoming 2022 VivaTech conference.

This customised interactive map was created by their awards team as opposed to their internal designer or tech team. It features company logos, customised colours, font, marker size and dynamic filters. All generated without a single line of code.

This is exactly what we had envisaged when we started building No Code Map App - a no code tool where a non-tech person can create professional-quality, customised interactive maps no matter how complex their dataset is.

To make this happen, we spent a lot of time researching to figure out the key components. From that, we came up with 3 key secret ingredients:

  1. A library of ready-to-use templates designed for a variety of use cases;

  2. An intelligent data processor that can recognise different types of data and auto-populate everything accordingly (including creating custom filters and converting image links); and

  3. A suite of customisation capabilities where users can customise everything from font, colours, to map and marker styles.

99% of the world can't code so a lot of insightful and powerful location content are buried in texts, charts and spreadsheets. With a powerful and affordable no code map builder like ours, we will see an explosion in creative and commercial content mapping around the world. The time has come and we want to be there to enable this explosion.

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