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A new category of digital product for content creators

It has been predicated that majority of the jobs that today's college students will have in 11 years haven't been invented yet. This got me thinking about all the new digital content products we have seen over the last 5-10 years, including:

Essentially, any form of digital content can and should be able to be sold as a product so creators can monetize their knowledge and hard work. What about location content? There is such much value and information but if you don't present it in the right format, majority of their value will be lost.

You can't really speak about it in a podcast or video because it is hard for your audience to visualise everything. Images alone probably aren't enough to give the full picture. The only way to make location content engaging is in the form of a custom interactive map.

So, how can we turn interactive maps and map tools into a new class of digital product? I think the key is to make custom interactive maps more than just "nice to have", and the best way to do that is to make sure they are income or lead generating like "map view" is to Airbnb.

A month ago, when Ted and I started developing No Code Map App, our initial thought was just to democratize the development of custom map tools so individuals and businesses (large or small) can better showcase their location content. However, the more people I spoke to the more I realised an even bigger mission we should try to achieve.

From my conversations so far, I realised that a lot of people out there have some kind of location content sitting somewhere but almost never income or lead generating. If other forms of quality content are now revenue generating, this should too right? I mean 90% cost saving is great, but revenue generation is always more mission critical, and it was exactly what we needed to have a much more complete and encompassing mission.

So our new and complete mission is to help individuals and businesses monetise their location content.

With No Code Map App, we will make it super easy for anyone to convert their location content into revenue generating custom map tools.

This marks a very exciting end to 2021. :)


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Rhys Morgan
Rhys Morgan
27 feb 2022

I've had an app idea since I discovered Google Maps - now with nocode It seems to be possible to make this happen. Everyone tells me about Bubble but this should be much more to the point than bubble!

Me gusta
27 feb 2022
Contestando a

I think a lot of people feel this way and Bubble is still quite limited in terms of map building capabilities. :) Definitely give your app idea a go and let us if you need any help

Me gusta
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