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How to build a Zillow like map for real estate businesses

Over the last few months, I noticed that real estate has become our biggest use case and a lot of our feature requests have also come from our real estate business users. So we have been working on a new premium template that was designed based on the Zillow's map interface.

So, you have a real estate business and need to build a map like Zillow’s?

With No Code Map App, you can make a Zillow like map in 3 simple steps and a production-ready map would be generated automatically:

  1. All you have to do is pick the real estate map template

  2. Import your data

  3. Customise the map to suit your businesses

Step 1

In the "Template" section, simply select the premium Real estate template. This template was designed and built to rival industry leading maps like Zillow's, where you can:

  • show your listing in two columns

  • allow users to share each listing

  • custom filters generated based on your data like "Price", "Home Type", "Amentities" etc

  • custom calls-to-action to supercharge your lead generation

Step 2

Once you have loaded the template, now you can feed in your data. In "Data" section, you can import your data in 4 different ways:

  • Copy and paste from your spreadsheet

  • Sync with Google Sheets

  • Sync with Airtable

  • Sync with Webflow CMS

If you are syncing your database, then you can also setup auto-data sync which means you won't have to sign back in to update your map data. O

Once your data has been imported, you will see a screen where you can select which data fields from your dataset you would like to use for your map.

After that you can preview your data and choose the data type for each data column (i.e. is it a filter, number, text, call-to-action, image etc). We do auto-assign a data type for each but we also want to give you the flexibility to change in case our "guess" was wrong.

Our builder will then automatically map your data and everything will be auto-generated, including image, audio, map filters, calls-to-action etc.

Step 3

Now the fun part - customise your map! And it is super simple, all you have to do click and click, no coding and no drag and drop.

You can customise almost everything on your map, including side bar list view, map filters, pop up box, calls-to-action, colour, font, marker, zoom level, language translation and more!

That is it! You are done. You can embed your map by using the embed code we provide.

Let us know what you think!


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