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The first look at our editor

With everyone going into Christmas and New Years break, we are going to take this opportunity to finish the last few functions on our MVP. As we count down to our first release, I thought I would give you all a little preview to our software.

What makes No Code Map App special is a combination of two key parts:

1. A set of industry-tailored templates

Each map tool template is custom-designed to address the uniqueness of each industry or use case. From the overall layout, which filters to include, filter layout, to what kind of information is included in each location, every detail has been carefully researched and considered.

We will be the first interactive map builder that has a library of custom-designed templates, so you don't have to "make do".

2. A super easy-to-use editor

Our core principle has always been "how can we make it even simpler" - so we broke down the custom map building process to see where and how we could simplify it (further) for anyone who may want to create an interactive map tool.

For all "non-personal" stuff, we simplified it with our collection of templates. But we know, industry-tailored is not enough, a custom map tool also needs to be on-brand -

we need an easy-to-use editor where you can drop in your own data and add in your own style.

So we came up with this (below) - a simple 3-step editor:

  1. Pick a template

  2. Import your data

  3. Custom it to your own brand colour, font and map marker

Import data is as easy as "copy and paste"

Our import data is essentially a quick copy/paste exercise. For each map tool template, there is a matching sample Excel file so you know exactly what information to prepare. This is the sample Excel for our "restaurant listing" template.

Once you have compiled your list of restaurant names, addresses, descriptions and cuisine type, simply paste it into our editor. Then, our software will automatically feed your data into the template you have chosen.

Later on, we also plan to integrate with Google Sheets and Airtable so you don't even need to copy and paste, you can just link it to the right file and you are done! Every time you make an update to your data, our map will also update automatically.


We know everyone and every brand has their own colour and style, so we want to make it super simple for you to bring that into your custom map tool.

Our "Branding" section is almost entirely click-based. You can choose your own colour, font style, base map style, as well as map marker. Every selection you make will show on the screen straight away.

100% Mobile responsive

As you can see, there are two preview mode: desktop or mobile. Our map tools are all 100% mobile responsive so we have also custom-designed mobile view for each template.

Publish anywhere

Once you are happy with your interactive map tool, simply click on the "publish" button and we will generate a one-line embed code so you can effortlessly embed your map tool to your website. Our embed link will work for all websites.

If you don't have a website, we will also generate a unique URL so you can use or share your interactive map as a stand-alone page.

We have been madly designing and coding for the last couple of months and we are just as excited as you are to see the first version because in our head, it is a really cool tool!

Starting next week, I will go into detail on how each template is designed.

Stay tuned.


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